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Liquid Screed Is designed to provide a smooth level surface in both commercial and domestic buildings prior to the application of floor finishes and is particularly suitable to application as a floating screed and for use with underfloor heating systems due to the higher thermal efficiency.


Geoff Farmer of Liquid Screeding Wales is a specialist of preparing underfloor heating for private and commercial Building from Pembrokeshire up to Aberytswyth areas and along the M4 to Cardiff.

Flowing pumpable liquid screed is gypsum based and is pumped into position.
The advantages of liquid screed over a traditional sand/cement screed are:
• Liquid Screed is laid thinner - 40mm of liquid screed is equivalent to 75mm of sand/cement screed.
• Drying time is reduced due to the reduced depth.
• Compaction is fully achieved by the liquid nature of the product.
• Shrinkage, cracking and curling are practically eliminated.
• A gang of 4-5 men can lay 1000m2 of liquid screed per day.
• Liquid screed is especially suitable with underfloor heating as the material flows fully around the pipe to envelope it, and the higher thermal efficiency of the material contributes to the responsiveness and efficiency of the heating system.